Behind the Mask

Take some time to learn more about the personalities behind the profiles of some of the leading lights in the Global Accounting industry.
Behind the Mask talks to Kylie Parker about being subservient to Hugh Jackman, having greater flexibility, and wearing gore tex.

Kylie Parker
​Chartered Accountant
​Lotus Accountants

Behind the Mask talks to Chris Hooper about drinking Scotch, stealing clothes and kicking himself (sounds like a night out in Glasgow)

Chris Hooper

Behind the Mask talks to Keran McKenzie about the Michelle Obama, wanting a mullet (or any hair for that matter) and sharing drinks.

Keran McKenzie
​Keran McKenzie Consulting

Behind the Mask talks to Alan Fitzgerald about the original punk, touching his toes and anxiety management.

Alan FitzGerald
Digital Transformation Advisor​
​Practice Connections