We have a lot of exciting feature releases this month, our biggest news item is our Purchase Order launch. Before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at the other cool stuff we’ve gotten up to since our last Feature Blog.

Chris Gregg
16.12.20 06:04 PM - Comment(s)
Take control of your stock management with Lightyear's newest partner OrderMate!
Lightyear are very happy to announce our newest industry partners OrderMate. We are working hard together to bring our hospitality customers a point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management solution that is intuitive, effortless and robust and sets your business up for success right from the start.
Gartner Report Front Runners
Lightyear chosen as Gartners Accounts Payable software of choice in 2020.
Introducing September Feature Releases
We are very excited to bring you our September product updates. Read on to learn about our Security upgrades, Time zone improvements, Xero enhancements and our latest awards
Lightyear joins Tech Nation Fintech 3.0 
We are thrilled to announce that Lightyear has been selected as 1 of 31 Fintechs in Tech Nation’s Fintech 3.0 program.
Eoin Doyle
23.09.20 08:08 AM - Comment(s)
Crossing the chasm, before it's too late
The future is changing before our eyes. What we once thought might be possible, becomes normality all too soon.
Eoin Doyle
03.09.20 10:23 AM - Comment(s)
Seamlessly Connect your teams and suppliers with Lightyears new collaboration features.
Throughout July we have released 3 massive new features to help you collaborate with your colleagues and be more efficient whilst working remotely. Mention users, notifications feed and mobile app notifications
Eoin Doyle
27.07.20 06:35 PM - Comment(s)
Today, we are announcing the release of one of our most requested features - Instant messaging-style collaboration and your own personal notifications feed.
Eoin Doyle
24.06.20 01:07 PM - Comment(s)

Adapting to the ‘new normal’ has been a challenge for our team and our customers. Luckily our developers have been able to keep up their usual pace of churning out feature releases.  Read on to learn about our new features and improvements. You may want to grab a coffee, there's a lot.... 


Chris Gregg
10.06.20 08:16 PM - Comment(s)
Pivot like a pro: 5 ways to accelerate your business growth during a global pandemic
Here our founder, Chris Gregg, shares how Lightyear pivoted to survive and thrive during the global pandemic.
Chris Gregg
20.05.20 07:56 PM - Comment(s)