Accounts Payable (AP) is a business function that is as old as commerce itself; and how we process bills and invoices hasn’t changed much in that time. But in 2019, with three screens open at a time, our professional and personal lives are bing-bonging at frequent ferocity, intruding on our thoughts...

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Lightyear is pleased to announce it's intention to apply for funds from Pool C of the Capabilities and Innovation Fund (

If successful, the funds will be deployed to accelerate Lightyear's product development into lending and payment services, both domestic and international....

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Lightyear is thrilled to have been recognised as the Northern Ireland Startup of the year at the 16th annual Global Sourcing Association UK & Ireland (GSA) Professional Awards held in the Titanic Exhibition centre on Tuesday 25th June. 

Chris Gregg, Co-Founder & CEO of Lightyear said “We...

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Hospitality is sometimes anything but hospitable. It’s a hard graft.  And it is getting harder.  An hour before anyone serves the first coffee, bleary-eyed managers are stepping over deliveries with paper bills stuffed under baling tape left in doorways.  And hours after the last drin...
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Mobile App, New Workflow, Automatic Supplier Reconciliation
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Xero April app partner of the month. In just six short months, Lightyear have found their biggest vertical in the retail and hospitality industries. Chris says experiencing the pain points of restaurants, pubs, clubs and franchises made it much easier to build the perfect solution.
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We've teamed up with Float to share insights on the power of combining best in breed Apps to maximise the chances of success for your business.
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We are excited to release our new video ‘Introducing Lightyear'.
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Drum roll... We are delighted to announce that Lightyear is now listed on the Intuit Apps Store ( for Australia and the United Kingdom
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As of 5PM GMT today (Thursday 6 December 2018), Lightyear is accepting registrations in the Republic of Ireland and the United States of America (Alpha testing).

Fast on the heels of our UK launch last month, this marks another huge milestone for the Lightyear team and our partners and is further evi...

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