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At Lightyear, we know that smart businesses are twice as likely to succeed when working with a trusted advisor. That's why we take partnerships with accountants and bookkeepers very seriously. We think you guys rock. 

No one dreams of being a 'data entry specialist'. Together, we are changing the way businesses approach document management and data processing, helping to make accounting invisible and allowing our partners to spend more time helping their clients succeed.

Benefits of the Lightyear Partner Program

Grow Your Practice

Lightyear has been built for larger sized SMBs. Secure bigger clients for your firm with an AP automation solution built for them. 

Save Time With Lightyear

All your client's bills, credit notes, supplier statements and GL coding has been completed by the time you log in to pay the bills.

Save Your Client's Money

The cost to process a bill is approximately GBP £15/AUS $20. Cut this down to as little as 40p / 50c.

Real-Time View of Your Client's Business Expenses

Automation speeds up bill processing time, giving you a real-time view of your client's business expenses and greater visibility of overall cash flow.

Pick the Partner Program that works best for you

Business Partner

  • Business Partner is best suited for partners who wish to have one consolidated bill covering all of their clients, and pay Lightyear directly.  
  • Business Partners’ clients will not have access to any billing information from their Lightyear account. 
  • The billing can be managed from the Partner Admin menu inside of Lightyear.
    Business Partners get access to Lightyear's volumetric pricing by purchasing a larger number of credits and therefore accessing a lower per-credit price point.

Referral Partner

  • Referral Partner is best suited for partners who prefer for their referred businesses to pay Lightyear directly.  
  • The referral partners can still access the account as a user but are not involved in the billing relationship.
  • Referral partners receive a commission payment for referrals.

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