A Coffee Date With... 
​Candice Lim

Head of Customer Success - Lightyear

Continuing on our Coffee Date with… series, we interviewed our Head of Customer Success Candice Lim.

Candice joined Lightyear in February 2018 but is no stranger to the Accounts Payable (AP) space. Candice previously worked with Lightyear’s co-founders Roger and Chris Gregg, at their previous AP company Invitbox which was sold to a large US corporate in 2014.

Interviewer: “What does Customer Success mean to you and Lightyear?

Candice: “Success is defined by our clients so understanding what success means to them eg. Getting rid of paper, cutting down on time spent with manual entry or the removal of human error. My role is to ensure our clients are set up for success and instil best practices across the industry. From implementation, onboarding, training, support and ultimately change management to helping our customers significantly reduce operating costs while enabling them to focus on growing their business. We work with our customers to implement the right workflows and processes. Lightyear is the technology that helps us to deliver that.”

Interviewer: “That must take up a lot of your time. What do you do to unwind?”

Candice: “I enjoy a creative outlet to help me unwind. I suppose I have a bit of an entrepreneurial streak as I run a scented soy candle business in my spare time. A lot of my down time is spent creating new scents for my candles. That may not sound like unwinding to some people but it helps me relax and gather my thoughts. It’s actually really therapeutic.

My other interests include Greek Mythology and music. I’m an avid music fan from my youth from jazz to rock and everything in between. My favourite singer growing up was Whitney Houston.

Interviewer: “Whitney Houston and Greek Mythology nice combo,  did you study either at school?”

Candice: “Yes I have an eclectic mix of interests. I actually studied maths, psychology and languages growing up although now I work in the accounting tech space. I suppose there is a link between maths and accounting as it focuses all around numbers, but it has been a different career path to becoming the next Whitney!”

Interviewer: “Finally if you were to name a quote that you live by in work and life, what would it be?”

Candice: “You regret the things you don’t do, not the things you do. You only get one shot in life, there is no dress rehearsal so don’t be afraid to take opportunities that excite you.”

Interviewer: “Thanks Candice, great quote!”

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