A Coffee Date with ...
​Tom Ashman

​Head of Business Development - Lightyear

We recently had a coffee date with our Head of Business Development and Operations, Tom Ashman to find out a little more about him.

Born and brought up in Brussels, Tom has a multicultural background having lived in 9 countries to date; Ireland, England, Italy, Belgium, France and Australia to name a few. Tom is fluent in French and claims he can get by in Italian.

Interviewer: "What impact has living in so many different countries had on your career"

Tom: “Living in 9 different countries has had a significant impact on my career to date. I love learning about new and different cultures. This helps me get the best out of my team who have different backgrounds and selling solutions into different markets.”

Interviewer: "Sounds like you have a busy job then"

Tom: “Haha yes, I joined Lightyear in May 2018, as Head of Business Development and Operations. That means I manage the sales and operations functions, building relationships with our strategic partners and managing the enterprise sales for Lightyear.”

Interviewer: "What about the home life? Is there much going on there"

Tom: “I am married with 1 son who is 16 months and growing fast!  I spend nearly all my free time with my family. I love pretty much all sport playing football, hockey, squash and tennis to a high standard as a youngster.  Big Liverpool F.C. fan always living in hope!"

Tom: "I am not religious but I believe in good karma and always live by it.”
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