Intelligent Accounts Payable Software

Lightyear automates data entry and streamlines the Accounts Payable process for businesses and groups of all sizes. 

Accounting data is automatically synced with accountancy, inventory and ERP systems. 

Bills are stored online for 7 years, enabling a truly connected and paperless office in the Lightyear Cloud.


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Get your time back

Save hours with instant automated line by line data extraction. Product codes, quantities and costs sync with your Accounting, Inventory & ERP systems. 100% accuracy from electronic bills.

Save money

Automated price-checking, GST/VAT verification and other analytics - all designed to assist in cost control, and to allow you to make smart business decisions in your supply chain.


Increase collaboration & speed across your team and with your accountant and bookkeeper, thanks to our intuitive online approvals workflow.  Stay up to date with real time visibility on your purchases.

Who is it for?

Lightyear is the AP solution for any business seeking to transition to a paperless office.
With line by line data extraction, product information and a robust approvals workflow, Lightyear provides costs and time savings to businesses, Accountants and Bookkeepers who service them.

Some of our most popular industry sectors include retail, hospitality, franchises, accommodation, education, healthcare, construction and manufacturing.

The Features that Power Lightyear

Line by Line Data Extraction

Immediate, accurate and detailed data extracted from supplier bills & expenses. 

Intelligent Rules Automation

Automatically assigns line items with GL codes, tax rates, categories, classes, departments and more. 

Robust Approvals Workflow

Customisable and intuitive - route bills to the relevant approvers automatically and immediately.

Statement Reconciliation

Reconcile and store supplier statements in your Lightyear filing cabinet.

Tax office Compliant Storage

Document image and a full audit trail stored for your regulatory period.

Accounting Integrations

API's to Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB, NetSuite and Sage + leading desktop software integrations.

Inventory Integrations

Export data to leading Inventory solutions.

Price Checker

Automatically price check every product purchased against agreed supplier pricing.

Multi Currency

Automatically extract and detect international currencies from your bills.

How it Works

Bills received instantly

Suppliers simply email your bills and statements to your dedicated mailbox (e.g. Line by line data is automatically extracted in real time.

Rules and Checks applied

Lightyear’s rules engine applies line by line defaulted GL codes, tax rates, categories/classes/depts and more.
Prices are checked and taxes validated - all in the blink of an eye.

Bill is sent through an approval workflow

Robust and customisable workflow approvals process means less time spent chasing bills and approvals from your staff and clients. Collaborate with your team, departments, suppliers, accountant and bookkeeper.

Data sent to third party software

Once all relevant information has been approved with a few clicks, the payables data is seamlessly sent to third party accounting/ERP solutions and inventory systems.

Secure online storage of your bills for up to 7 years

All of your bills, stored securely in the cloud for the regulatory period, in an intuitive and dynamically searchable filing cabinet.

Partner Program

Lightyear is the perfect platform to connect accountants with their client's team's.

The Lightyear partner program is designed to engage with each of our partners on a personal level, and collaborate on the best strategy to ensure mutual success for you and your clients. 

Accountancy Software Integrations

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Inventory Software Partners

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