Advanced Accounts Payable Automation 

Data-Extraction  -  Approvals  -  Collaboration  -  Compliance

    -    No more data entry - bills, statements, receipts, credit notes

    -    No more coding - automated bookkeeping

    -    Advanced Approvals Rules via Email, Desktop & Mobile App

    -    Instant team collaboration: Instant messaging

    -    Fully automated supplier statement reconciliation

    -    Integrations with leading accounting & POS systems

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    Increase Efficiency

    Get up to 80% of your team's time back with real-time automated bookkeeping

    Cut Costs

    Automated data-extraction and approvals save hours per week on data-entry and approvals

    Connect your teams

    Collaborate with your internal team members, accountants, bookkeepers and suppliers

    ​How it Works


    • Email - suppliers can email documents directly to a dedicated inbox e.g.
    • Upload - drag & drop or upload from your computer.
    • Mobile app - snap photos of your documents and upload to your account, instantly.


    • Speed & Accuracy - all relevant data extracted with 100% accuracy in real-time.
    • Line-items - Lightyear extracts line-item data including product codes and unit prices.
    • Automated bookkeeping - Lightyear's AI engine automates coding, right down to line-item level.


    • Customisable - An automated approval process for up to 5 levels of approvers.
    • Efficiency - Documents are presented for one click approval in real-time.
    • Communication - Have real-time conversations between your approvers, supply chain and finance team.


    • Accounting - export data into accounting systems via API or CSV export.
    • Inventory - Automate data-entry into inventory systems.
    • ERP - export your accounting and inventory data to keep your business running smoothly. 


    • Accessibility - Access your documents and records anytime, anywhere. 
    • Reporting - Access real-time data and insights to help you make better business decisions. 
    • Audit trail - Lightyear create's a fully tax-office compliant audit trail with each click.

    Who is Lightyear for?

    Any Business

    Accountants & Bookkeepers

    Lightyear was designed to fit the requirements of any type of business.  
    Whether you are just starting off, or you are a global enterprise, Lightyear has the solution to streamline your Payables and will scale with your business.

    Spend more time focused on growing your business and let Lightyear handle the Bookkeeping.  
    Lightyear fully automates bookkeeping for your clients' Accounts Payables, meaning you can focus on providing value-added services

    We recognise that smart businesses are more likely to be successful with highly skilled and trusted partners. That’s why we take partnerships very seriously with our accounting automation and client management software!

    What our Customers say

    "We're very happy with the new service and the direction Lightyear seems to be heading. Approx 100 McDonald's restaurants are using Lightyear through us to get supplier invoices into Xero. We make sure all our book-keeping clients use it - It's great for speeding up the entry of invoices and supporting separate authorisation. Would definitely recommend you give it a go."

    Max Telford
    Telford's Accountants
    “With over 500 Lightyear clients we have been recommending Lightyear to both our Bookkeeping and Inventory Back of House customers since 2014.
    With close to one million invoices processed, Lightyear continues to be an invaluable addition to Abcom’s suite of business applications. We recommend Lightyear to save time, save money and change the way you do business.”

    Jim Hawkins

    CEO Abcom Pty Ltd

    "Lightyear is a fantastic product which we use across our hospitality client base as well using internally as a firm. It has an easy to use interface and not only helps with eliminating data-entry but also facilitates better business processes around the accounts payable and invoice approval function. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to any of my clients."

    Mitch Stone

    PKF Australia

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    The Features that Power Lightyear

    Line by Line Data Extraction

    Immediate, accurate and detailed data extracted from bills, statements and receipts. 

    100% Accurate Data-Extraction

    Extract all line-item data with 100% accuracy from your bills and statements. No additional charge. 

    Intelligent Rules Automation

    Automatically assigns line items with GL codes, tax rates, categories, classes, departments and more. 

    Automated Statement Reconciliation

    Automatically reconcile and store supplier statements in your archive. 

    Robust Approvals Workflow

    Customisable and intuitive - route bills to the relevant approvers automatically and immediately.

    Fixed Audit Trail

    The approvals process creates a fixed audit trail. Give you auditor ready only access for audits. 
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    Accountancy and Inventory Integrations

    + many more via export/import widget

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