The Features that Power Lightyear

Data Automation

Claim your time back

Get hours and days back with line-item data automatically extracted in real time. Our technology eliminates errors giving you 100% accuracy and line item details extracted from electronic invoices. Product codes, quantities and costs flow through to your accounting, inventory & ERP systems.

Automated Document Capture

Stop chasing lost bills

Receive your bills directly from your suppliers via email, or take control and upload them via the browser. No more wasting time chasing lost bills.
Price Checking

Never be overcharged again

Upload your agreed supplier price list and we'll make sure the price is right. Lightyear will automatically price check every product, and immediately flag any variances.

Tax Verification

Be confident your accounts are accurate & compliant

Automated tax verification calculations are applied to ensure correct tax is being applied by your suppliers.

Protect your business from fraudulent tax claims as we cross check your supplier ABNs against the Australian Business Registry (AU only).

We'll alert you when suppliers are charging you GST/VAT... but shouldn't be.

Customisable Approvals Workflow

Only see the bills you need to see

Customise your approvals process to be as simple or as complex as your business needs. Lightyear will ensure the correct people seeing the relevant bills, marking them with an automatic who/what/when audit trail throughout the approvals workflow.

Increase collaboration and speed

Stay connected with your team, accountant and bookkeeper with a notes and tasks management system that allows you to communicate at individual bill level.
Advanced Rules

One step towards invisible accounting

Set up supplier rules. Lightyear is built with machine learning so it gets smarter and remembers your preferences on a supplier and line by line level. With your coding automated behind the scenes, you won't have to lift a finger.


Lightyear means you're connected

You've got the data. Now, you can sync with accounting, inventory and ERP systems for a holistic approach to your business. Seamless integrations ensure your data is always up to date.

Online Storage

Say goodbye to physical filing cabinets

Say goodbye to physical filing cabinets.
Your Lightyear service comes with an online filing cabinet, readily accessible in the Lightyear cloud. All your bills, statements, audit trail and notes are stored in the cloud for the regulatory period for no additional cost. The dynamic search function makes it easy to find all your bills.

Make better business decisions

Analyse your data and put it to good use with insightful reports.

Our reports will give you the critical business insights you're looking for to manage your payables process.



Lightyear automatically detects foreign currencies from bills and flags this in the in-tray. 

Foreign currency is sent to 3rd party accounting systems automatically

Statement Reconciliation

Statement Reconcilation

Receive and store supplier statements directly into Lightyear. Quickly reconcile received and missing bills against the supplier statement with our intuitive statement statement reconciliation tool.