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Accounts Payable that scales with your business.

Lightyear delivers a paperless office, eliminates data entry and puts an approvals workflow into the palm of your hand.  

Take Accounts payable collaboration to the next level with real-time tagging and notifications to keep everything auditable and in 1 system. Collaborate across your finance team from your suppliers, accounts payable team, accountants and approvers. 

Eliminate data entry and automate Approvals into 
Accounting, Point of Sale, Inventory and Work Management systems.

Creating an efficient Accounts Payable process can be tricky, but not with Lightyear.  Traditional solutions focus on handling your paper bills better.  At Lightyear, we believe that if you start with paper, you end up with rubbish.  Just because you receive a paper bill does not mean that you need to process it.
Simple to implement
Lightyear receives and processes your supplier's pdf bills in real-time ... just the supplier's normal bills, sent to you as a pdf - nothing fancy, so supplier adoption is a breeze.  Then, Lightyear's proprietary AI-driven technology extracts line-by-line data with incredible accuracy in real-time before putting the bill in front of the person whose job it is to approve it ... the person who needs to see it, and use the data contained within it.

Incredible savings
Lightyear saves teams up to 80% of their time by removing and automating repetitive and mundane tasks that can be prone to human error.  You won't see the cost of processing bills as a line item on a P&L, but the cost is there - in payroll, office space, stationary, over-charging, duplicate payments and missed opportunities for early settlement discount.  Lightyear cuts those costs dramatically, allowing you to put those resources into growing your business.

Trusted and secure
Lightyear is GDPR compliant, is ISO-27001 certified and has features such as two-factor authentication, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that all your data is held securely in the cloud, giving you peace of mind and easy access whenever you need it. 

What businesses love about Lightyear

Data extracted, without scanners

Line item data can be shared with accounting and 3rd-party systems, eliminating data entry.

Rules-based automation

Automatic routing of bills, automatic price-checking and automatic GL-coding reduces costs, and errors.

Customisable Approvals workflow

E.g., allow departmental managers to approve bills, before owner & bookkeeper sign-off.

Automated Statement Reconciliation

Lightyear automatically ensure there are no missing bills or credit notes at month-end.

Collaboration & Discussion

@mention colleagues and finance teams to notify them, ask questions and send approval tasks.

Group structure access

Associate companies together, and get a holistic view of all your businesses.

“Lightyear has allowed our bookkeeper to reduce data entry by between 40 and 50 percent.”


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