Inerva Partnership with Lightyear

Inerva is a comprehensive software system purpose built for Australian Aged Care Providers that provides streamlined workflows in a single solution.

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Why Choose Inerva

Roster & Payroll

One seamless flow of information from biometric time and attendance reconciled with roster, feeding automated payroll then posted to your general ledger.

Client Management

The Inerva accounting core is only used in Australian aged care.  Accounts receivable is shaped around ACFI billing and grandfathered schemes.

General Ledger. Cash Management

Inerva's flexible accounting core let's you track multi-company setups with quick intercompany transfers and live consolidation.

Suppliers, Fixed Assets, Repairs

Inerva is your accounting system.  So why not have fully integrated accounts payable, fixed assets register and a maintanance log with links back to assets.   You can on-charge purchase items to clients, or add assets right from the purchase area

Why Integrate Inerva with Lightyear

Increase efficiency

Save your Accounts Payables teams up to 80% of their time with smart automation tools. Lightyear automates the data-entry from all your supplier bills, puts your bills into a digital approvals workflow and stores all your documents for 6 years. 

Real-time and accurate data

Get real-time accurate accounting data in Inerva. Make better business decisions with data that is always accurate. 

Increase collaboration across your organisation

Collaborate with your internal team members, accountants, bookkeepers and suppliers with the digital approvals process in Lightyear. Add notes to bills.  Dispute the bills. Reject them.

Integrate Lightyear with Inerva

Click the link below to see how simple it is to integrate your Inerva account with Lightyear.

Integrate Inerva with Lightyear