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Best Value Accounts Payable Software 2020

Gartner are a global research and advisory firm providing some of the best and most relevant information, advice, and tools for leaders in IT, finance, HR, customer service and support, communications, legal and compliance, marketing, sales, and supply chain functions.

Recently Gartner have released their findings on the best Accounts Payables businesses/software for this year and as you can see within the graph below, Lightyear has been named as the front runner coming in leagues ahead of companies like Spendesk, MineralTree and We are unbeaten in terms of our usability and our value for money which can clearly be seen within the report.

Another category that we outstripped the competition in is customer satisfaction. Lightyear are a 5* rated company with a 98% satisfaction score across multiple platforms including QBO, Xero, Netsuite and Capterra. All our customers love how easy the entire transition process is and appreciate the level and quality of the support we provide.

“The Lightyear team are super helpful and supportive. Can't recommend Lightyear highly enough!” - Nicole McLean.

Lightyear scatter graph, customer satisfaction and usability. xero sage qbo bill receipt bank

The data collected is from honest reviews left by real customers, public data sources and data from technology vendors. 

In order to qualify the individual companies involved must;

  • Have reached at least 20 unique reviews within 24 months, 

  • Be a standalone Accounts Payable software product and,

  • Offer at minimum these features:

    • Approval Process Control

    • Invoice Processing

    • Vendor Management

The Customer Satisfaction score is a weighted average based on three distinct criteria from user reviews; value for money, likelihood to recommend and customer support. Whereas the Usability score is a weighted average based on two ratings, functionality and ease of use.

This report can be extremely beneficial if you or your company are looking to transition to a cloud based automated solution for your Accounts Payables team and need to know which is the best solution. This report can help you discover which software provider can meet your needs, especially if you are conscious of cost, ease of use and functionality. As the rankings are based on actual customer reviews you can see clearly how satisfied other customers are with the individual products and make a more informed decision.

Click here to see the full report 

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