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Automate your remote approvals workflow

Approve your supplier documents (purchase orders, bills/invoices, credit notes, receipts) with one click in an automated multi-tier approvals workflow. With up to 5 levels of approval, Lightyear sends your documents to the correct person(s) based on various customisable triggers such as bill value or supplier.

Whether you are an SME or a large business with multiple locations across the world, Lightyear has the flexibility to accommodate your business needs.

The features that power the Approvals workflow

Multi-tiered approvals workflow

Route all your documents through a multi-tiered approvals workflow to get one click approval at each stage. Lightyear provides you with up to 5 levels of approval on every document.


Lightyear can customise your approvals workflow to be as simple or as complex as your business requires. You can even send documents through the system to specific people(s) automatically based on various triggers such as the value amount of the bill.

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Collaborate with your team

Revitalise internal communications by using our notification system to approve bills in browser, email and even on the go with our iOS and Android mobile companion app.

Send approvals to external people

Extend your approvals capabilities beyond your organisation. You can send approval requests to people who are outside your Lightyear account or your company e.g. suppliers, contractors etc... Extend your approvals capabilities beyond your organisation.

Audit trail

Every click, every interaction, everything you do in Lightyear is recorded and forms part of the audit trail of every document. Provide your auditor with read-only access to your archive to perform audits from anywhere. 

Dispute bills

Not ready to approve a bill immediately? Mark it as disputed to set it aside until you are ready to approve. 

Collaborate with your team

Add notes to each of your bills to keep track of everything related to that bill, you can even tag individuals and they will be notified instantly. No more attaching emails from disparate systems to your invoices. 

Attach docs to bills

You can attach additional documentation to each bill including emails, GRNs or delivery notes. 

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"Vastly superior interface, multi-level approvals and excellent customer service"

- ‚ÄčNance Middlemass, Accounts Management

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