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Lightyear POs  - create, collaborate and send with  automated 3-way matching

Allow your team members to easily create Purchase Orders and automatically route them to the appropriate approver(s) for approval in browser, mobile app or directly from within an email. 3-way match your POs with your Goods Received Notes (GRN - delivery note) and supplier bill (invoice).

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The features that power Lightyear Purchase Orders

Create PO

Allow your team members to Create detailed purchase orders for Services and/or Products. Lightyear recognises your products and intelligently auto populates all the details from your suppliers item's catalogue.


Lightyear’s automated approvals workflow routes Purchase Orders to the correct Approver, seamlessly without user input. Approve by browser, Lightyear's mobile app or directly from your email inbox. Whether you have a simple or complex workflow, Lightyear evolves to meet your needs.

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Lightyear sends your purchase order directly to your suppliers email address for one click acceptance. Lightyear can send documents from your company's usual email address to ensure consistency of communications.

Supplier acceptance

See immediately when a supplier has accepted your order request and track the status. Supplier's can chose to reply with a message via a one click link in the email. 

Goods received tracking

Keep track of your received and outstanding stock via Lightyear's ‘GRN’ feature. This enables you to acknowledge and mark off individual line items that have been received from multiple deliveries. Attach a digital copy of your delivery dockets to the PO for audit purposes.

No touch - 3-way matching

Lightyear's pioneering software automatically 3-way matches line items from your purchase orders with your GRNs and your supplier's bills. 

Budgets - (Coming soon) 

Easily control spend with Lightyear’s budgets. Set budgets by Departments, Project and Company by time period.

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"Lightyear data extraction saves up to 80% of my time"

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