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The Cardan Bar and Grill have been using Lightyear for over 2 years to give them real-time data on their purchases which helps them forecast cashflow more accurately. 

“Lightyear has been able to reduce bookkeeping time by between 40-50% purely because of data entry. There is no manual entry now, which has allowed my bookkeeper to get the accounts up to virtually a live situation each month, where previously we would have been 3-4 months in arrears. It is huge for us!!!"

We spoke with Jonny Poots owner/manager to find out how they use Lightyear to get get live payables data. 

 Goli are an inventive, people-focused nutrition company who believe that happiness and wellness go hand in hand. It’s their goal to help you reach your nutrition goals while enjoying your daily supplements. 

Lightyear are their latest Accounts payable partner as their previous solution was unable to scale correctly with the growth of the business.  They incurred problems with  approval timelines and data accuracy. After a lot of research they decided to move forward with Lightyear.

Lightyear spoke to Assistant Controller Mohit, who was happy to answer a few questions for us.

Why did you choose us to solve your challenges? 

"Our interactions with Lightyear were very impressive and you developed a feature rich platform which appeared to solve all our problems for a reasonable cost"

How has Lightyear solved your original challenges?

"Lightyear automated our data entry and invoice approval process, we have gotten back so much of our time and we no longer have to waste time hunting down invoices or correcting human error. We save at least $100-200/month using lightyear and it scales with us."

What would you say to someone to recommend Lightyear to them?

"This solution is a complete no brainer, I would recommend any business subscribe to automate their AP processes, it's a 5/5 star software."

Case Studies

Streamline Workflow efficiencies & improve time management

Lightyear has recently been implemented within Flatland Energy as their first automated Accounts Payable solution. Flatland is an American energy company based in Alberta Texas that has been in operation for 26 years. 

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Get back your time and remove human error

COVID has put a huge pressure on many businesses to reassess how they operate as some business procedures are simply no longer viable.

Healthcare Ireland implemented Lightyear to go paperless with their Accounts Payable as no one could access paper after switching to remote working. 

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Improving productivity and reporting in Accounts Payable

Clandeboy lodge have been using Lightyear for over 1 year to speed up their Accounts Payable processing and giving them rich product data for analysis on their purchases. 

We spoke with Alec Craig, Financial Controller with Clandeboye Lodge to find out how they are using Lightyear in their hotel business.
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PKF Australia grows their Hospitality business

PKF Australia have been using Lightyear with several hundred hospitality clients throughout Australia since LIghtyear was launched in September 2018.

We spoke with Anthony Sullivan, Lead Partner of Hospitality at PKF Sydney to get the lowdown…

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Improving productivity and reporting in Accounts Payable

The Loddon Foundation have been using Lightyear to speed up the processing of the supplier bills, utilising many of our automation features including our intelligent rules automation. 

We spoke with Chris Wells, Chartered Accountant with the Loddon Foundation to find out how Lightyear is adding value to their business...
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