Take control of your stock management with Lightyear's newest partner OrderMate!

Author: Jennifer Brady

Date Published: 12th December 2020

As you know at Lightyear we strive to bring our customers the best service possible, and one of the ways we do this is through our partnerships with industry specific solution providers such as OrderMate. 

Lightyear are very happy to announce our newest industry partners OrderMate. We are working hard together to bring our hospitality customers a point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management solution that is intuitive, effortless and robust and sets your business up for success right from the start.

Chris Gregg (Lightyear CEO) had this to say about the partnership;

 “We are looking forward to bringing this partnership to OrderMate customers and it opens up our solution to a range of businesses who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of our paperless and automated Accounts Payable software. 

As well as that, it provides our customers with the opportunity to integrate with a quality solution that was built specifically for the hospitality environment with convenience in mind”.

Since 2001, OrderMate have dedicated themselves to delivering unparalleled performance and reliability through the use of industry knowledge, expertise and years of research to a range of hospitality business. 

To that end, as restrictions are easing and venues are re-opening across Australia, hospitality businesses will soon be transitioning from a ‘recovery’ phase to a ‘growth’ stage. Therefore, it is essential to prepare for what’s next in the evolving dining scene. 

If you have any further questions about Lightyear and OrderMate, Gary Mallet, Customer Success Specialist with Lightyear will be hosting an exclusive webinar for OrderMate customers to show off Lightyear and its amazing power. 

OrderMate helping the industry;

To aid customers in preparing for this, OrderMate have compiled a list of valuable resources and insights that they believe can help you Pivot, Promote & Progress


   When the team learned about the closure of hospitality venues, they were determined to adapt and demonstrated how they have brought the regular        ‘good times’ into their customers’ homes.

   Read more about their experience on how they pivot in new conditions and transform challenges into opportunities.

   As a role model in the Melburnian dining scene, Daughter In Law shared how they have faced new challenges with a strategic mindset.


   Find out how you can manage social media to increase engagement, followers and revenue.

   The team at OrderMate and HungryHungry have prepared a few guidelines on how you can promote your pick-up and delivery offering to your    customers effectively.

   Being known with a sense of humour and trendy, Royal Stacks knows how to create innovative and relatable social media content to engage with their        audience.


   If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready! It is important to understand what the next step is as our industry and consumer behaviour evolve.

   The team at OrderMate and HungryHungry have put together a list of resources on how to best implement a digital ordering platform for pick-up,    delivery or contactless table ordering.

No matter what circumstances you are in, the team at OrderMate can help you to manage your operations seamlessly and allow you to make smarter business decisions. They not only understand POS, but also how hospitality business runs and its potential to succeed. So get started with OrderMate now!

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