Product Updates: August 2019

Lightyear has had its biggest development quarter to date with 5 massive new features to tell you about. 

Let's dive right in. 

Receipt Data Extraction

Lightyear started life as a tool for larger SMB's and mid tier businesses who require rich data extracted with 100% accuracy, in real-time, from their bills, credit notes and supplier statements.  Perfect for businesses that purchase good and services on payment terms such as retail, hospitality and construction. 

However, as more and more accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses discovered our product we've now built out partner tools and helping thousands of small businesses remove data entry completely. 

One of the most requested features from our small business customers is to help remove all data entry from receipts and expenses. As of today, Lightyear is now able to extract data from receipt images and the data is extracted in less than 2 minutes. 

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Paperclip - attach documents

Just like in real life, you can now attach supplementary documents together.  Attach any documents including POs, delivery notes and expense receipts to your bills and invoices. Quickly view these documents side by side in one screen for quick cross checking.   

Mobile App Update

We’ve released an updated versions of both our iOS and Android mobile apps so you can now upload images of bills or receipts and our data-extraction engine will extract the data based on the type of document you select.   

The release also includes sent thumbnails.

Automated Statement Reconciliation

We are thrilled to announce that our automated statement reconciliation tool is now out of Beta and is live for all users.   Reconcile their supplier statements in seconds and chase outstanding invoices right from within the Application. 

Automated mapping

We're working towards fully automating the data-extraction process for new suppliers. As a first step, we have made it easier to find and apply maps by only presenting to you the maps that work for your document.

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