Product Updates: May 2019

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Mobile App, New Workflow, Automatic Supplier Reconciliation

It’s been a huge month at Lightyear.  We were awarded the Xero App of the Month for April, and our team has been busy preparing for the UK’s largest accounting conference - Accountex.

But time waits for nobody!  Lightyear’s engine room has been at full throttle. In addition to the incremental product improvements we make each week, we’ve also been working on some big changes to the Lightyear platform.  

We have 3 HUGE feature releases for May that will change the game for our partners and clients. Read on to find out more.

Android & iOS Mobile Apps (available now)

Why?  The average person looks at their phone every 12 minutes during waking hours.  So it only makes sense that we bring the world’s fastest AP approvals software into the palm of your hand.  We’ve launched our Mobile app to make getting your bills & receipts into Lightyear even easier.  Stay tuned for OCR receipt extraction and bill approvals on the move in app in the very near future :-)

Version 1 of our mobile app is now available in both the iOS and Android stores. Right now, from within the app, you will be able to login to your Lightyear account, choose the company you wish to upload your receipt to, take a photo of your receipt (or bill) and upload this into your Lightyear account.  Learn more here

Redesigned Approvals Workflow & Home Navigation (Released 1 May 2019)

Why?  We’ve taken onboard tonnes of user feedback and we have re-ordered the options in the left-hand Navigation panel to make Lightyear more intuitive.  In preparation for our soon to be released automated supplier statement feature, ‘Statements’ now has a dedicated tab in the Navigation panel. All of your supplier statements can now be accessed from this section to make supplier statement reconciliation easier than ever. These changes are now live for all users. Click here to learn more about the changes

Further enhancements to the Approval Workflow tabs!

Why?  Whilst listening to our customers, we also identified opportunities to improve the Approval workflow tabs within Lightyear to make the process of receiving, approving and exporting documents even easier.  

Section Changes

PROCESSING section - previously the Unknowns tab: We have introduced a new section, called ‘Processing’.  Any documents that Lightyear receives which are not automatically processed can be reviewed and actioned from the Processing section.  

APPROVALS section - previously the tabs used to approve bills: Once the data is extracted from your bills or credit notes, the documents will transition to the ‘Approvals’ section.  We have renamed the tabs in the approvals section to ‘Approval’, ‘Review’ and ‘Signed Off’ (previously Intray, Approved and Signed Off).  The simplification and renaming of these tabs more accurately reflects the processes businesses and their accountants/bookkeepers perform within Lightyear.  The functionality within each of these tabs remains the same.

ARCHIVE section - previously the filing cabinet: We have updated the ‘filing cabinet’ (so 1990s, yes?) to ‘Archive’. The functionality within the archive remains unchanged, except for supplier statements, which now have their own section.

New users who sign up from today (1st May 2019) onwards will have the new experience activated by default.

Existing users can activate the new experience by clicking on their name (top right hand corner of your screen), clicking the ‘My Profile’ section, scrolling down and toggling the Try new experience switch.  

All users can toggle between the two experience’s at any time.

Click here to read more on the specific changes and learn how to activate the new experience.

Automated Supplier Statement Reconciliation (launching next week)

Why?  Supplier statement reconciliation is a massive time-waster, but super-important to avoid late payment fees, being cut off by your supply chain and ensuring your P&L is correct.  We released supplier statement filing in February 2019, and ever since then we have been inundated with requests to completely automate the reconciliation and error handling process.  

Welcome to the new Automated Supplier Statement Reconciliation tool.

When your supplier emails Lightyear your weekly/monthly statements, Lightyear will automatically reconcile all your bills against that supplier’s statement and flag the status to you (reconciled or missing bills).  You can then easily manage any exceptions making supplier reconciliation a breeze!  

Always listening, always learning...

We are always aiming to improve Lightyear to make you more efficient and productive. Please feel free to let us know what you would like to see Lightyear do next by emailing