Product Updates: Q3 2020

In order to stay on top and continue to not only meet but exceed customer needs in this continuously evolving industry we need to evolve also. At Lightyear we understand that security is more important than ever, as such we have pushed not only our development team but Lightyear as a whole to ensure our customers are as secure as possible. Below are the latest September feature releases and updates:

This may look like a Account code, but it's actually an internationally recognised Security Management Systems Standard! We are proud to announce that Lightyear is now ISO27001 Certified. This provides additional reassurances that we are following the absolute best practices when it comes to all things security-related. 

Two-Factor Authentication
From the 8th of September you can now enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Lightyear account to provide enhanced security of your data.
Our 2FA will send an SMS message to your team to verify their identity whenever they log into their Lightyear account. Company admins can enable this feature as a mandatory requirement for all users on their account to ensure best practice security protocols. 

Send Product Data Directly To Xero Inventory 

We are the FIRST UK based Accounts Payable app in the Xero ecosystem to allow you to directly update your stock inventory levels in Xero using data from your supplier bills. 

This will be a massive time-saver for anyone using Xero Inventory to track stock levels in your business.

Time Zones Are Now Stored Per Company

Historically, our customers in North America have had problems with dates going a day backwards, as we stored our dates in UTC and depending on your browser, you may have seen the wrong date. We have now introduced a time zone stamp which means your dates will always remain correct now, no matter where you are logging in from across the world as the date is registered to your companies profile.

Move Straight To Archive

With this feature you can move bills directly into your archive without exporting them to your accounting software. This is a handy feature enhancement to allow you to store your supplier bills for improved record-keeping while at the same time reducing human error and increasing productivity. 

Bulk Actions 
We've introduced several bulk actions across Lightyear to enable you to save more time. You can now bulk export to inventory, bulk sign-off on bills in your Signed Off tab, bulk archive, bulk delete and bulk return to Approvals/Review. 

Query A Map With Our Team

We recognise that people sometimes have questions about the data extraction in Lightyear and therefore we've added a feature for you to contact our data mapping team. If you have a question regarding a map that we have created or are suggesting for your document, you can now use the 'Click to Query Map' button to send a message straight to our mapping team. The team will respond and assist within our speedy 24 hour time frame. 

Speed Enhancements

We recently completed a large database update to increase the speed of bringing back images of your bills.  All users in the Asia-Pacific region have been seeing up to 3x faster upload times when viewing high resolution files or large files with multiple pages.

'Task Only' User Profile
We have introduced a new user profile setting called 'Task Only'. Users with this profile type will only be able to see and perform actions within the assigned Approval Task environment.          

Email Suppliers Activity Now Recorded 

We added a feature that will enable you to email your suppliers directly from inside Lightyear back in 2019. Since then we have increased our accountability and now whenever you email your suppliers, this activity is recorded in your audit history. 

What Next?

We are making great progress on our Purchase Order feature and are aiming to have a Beta version released by the start of October. We are also working on further automation features such as assigning bookkeeping rules by description and assigning approvers by document value which will follow shortly after. Keep up to date with the goings on in Lightyear by following us on social media.

Remember you can keep track of all our feature releases here