Introducing Lightyear Purchasing with 3 way matching

Published date: 16th December 2020

We have a lot of exciting feature releases this month, our biggest news item is our Purchase Order launch. Before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at the other cool stuff we’ve gotten up to since our last Feature Blog.

  • Enhancements to ‘Task Approver’ functionality

    • Users can now send an Approval Task with one click and view pending task requests in Panel One of the Approval Tabs and the Archive. 

    • Approval Tasks can now be automated by Supplier or by Keyword from a document.  A really handy feature if you need to assign invoices to different Task Approvers by differing postcode /zip code or other unique characteristics on a document. 

  • Enhancements for ‘MY Tasks’ Inbox

With recent enhancements in TASK automation, more customers are using the ‘task approval’ feature. 

    • Lightyear will now present the activity history for ‘Task Approvers’.

    • Task Approver users can now upload attachments from their Task Inbox

    • Task Approver users can now view actioned task requests from the new ‘actioned’ tab.

  • Executive Approvals can now be actioned from the mobile App. 

    • Executive approvers can now approve their bills whilst on the go from our mobile app. 

    • Lightyear will present bills for approval in the approvals tab of the mobile app.

  • OrderMate Partnership Launch

    • OrderMate is a leading AU hospitality point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management solution that is intuitive, effortless and robust, learn more about our integration by clicking here.

  • WCBS partner launch   

    • WCBS is a trusted supplier of leading school MIS and finance software, providing integrated solutions to the independent and international education sector for over 35 years. For more information on our integration with WCBS please click this link

Why Purchase Orders?

We know that many businesses prefer to approve their purchases prior to ordering via a Purchase Order process. A purchase order system ensures control, avoiding duplicate and fraudulent orders, allows you to track incoming stock and increases overall visibility on your purchasing process. 

We have listened to our customers who have been very clear in telling us that there is a huge need for a Purchase Order and Approvals system including 3-way matching, one that is easy to implement, easy to use and cost effective while still being intuitive and robust.

The team have been hard at work trying to bring an advanced Purchase Order suite of tools into the Lightyear product that we can be proud of. We have now launched the first phase and we are open for registrations. 

Purchase Order Roadmap

The following features are available now for all Lightyear customers free of charge until March 2021. Activate PO's by following this link:

  • Create: Create Purchase Orders for goods and services via browser.

  • Delivery addresses: Set and store multiple delivery addresses and delivery instructions.

  • PO Approvals suite: automatically route Purchase Orders to the correct approver(s).

  • Send orders - Send your Purchase Orders via email directly to suppliers from within Lightyear.

  • Supplier order acknowledgement: Your supplier receives a one time link in the order email allowing them to accept/decline the order and leave a note. The order status will be presented live within Lightyear.

  • Goods receipt: Capture and mark when goods/services have been delivered, across multiple records, line by line. Attach proof of works or proof of delivery to the appropriate Goods Received Record.

  • Complete PO’s: Mark your POs as completed safe in the knowledge all goods and services have been delivered.

Coming Soon:

  • Product Lists: Lightyear will automatically populate default item information from your supplier product list when you are creating your orders.

  • Additional Approvals automation: Set up keyword rules and manager approvals by the value of the Purchase Order.

  • Invoice to PO automated matching: Lightyear will automatically suggest matches between open purchase orders and open Invoices/Credit notes.

  • 3 way matching: Close Purchase Orders by matching your original Purchase Order with your Goods Received Note (GRN) and Invoice.

  • Approve on the go: Approvals via mobile app. 

  • Budgets - Set Budgets by department and track approvals and spend within periodic Budget limits.

Purchase Order Cost

All Lightyear customers can avail of unrestricted access free of charge until March. Purchase Orders will then become chargeable within our current credit charging model. We will furnish more details on pricing in the new year. 

In the meantime thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!