Product Updates: February 2020

Published date: 27th July 2020

Leveraging Lightyear to collaborate in a remote working world

Cloud accounting software has dramatically changed how businesses and accountants and bookkeepers work.. It has allowed us to work more efficiently by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks while also helping to keep all of our data accurate and secure. 

In a Post-COVID world, remote collaboration is the new norm and essential to any business’ success.  Many forward thinking accountants and businesses have turned to collaboration tools such as Slack. These are great tools, however, they leave significant gaps for financial document collaboration.  They do not provide an easy reference point to a specific document, do not index your documents for ease of searchability, nor provide an audit trail.

We are pleased to announce our latest collaboration features;  making Lightyear the simplest way for accountants, bookkeepers, approvers, reviewers and suppliers to stay connected throughout the Accounts Payables process.

Throughout July we have released 3 massive new features to help you collaborate with your colleagues and be more efficient while working remotely. 

  • @Mention users

  • Notifications feed

  • Mobile app notifications

@Mention Users

You can now @mention other users in the notes section of your document to alert them to any questions or insights you may have about that particular document. 

This gives users the ability to collaborate more closely on the approval of documents. The @mention becomes part of the audit trail for that particular bill.

Notifications Feed

To ensure you are aware of any notifications or approvals requests, we have introduced a notifications feed in the browser application as well as the Lightyear Android and iOS App.  You will be notified immediately if another user tags you or assigns an Approval Task to you.  You can also reply to mentions and approve bills right from within the notifications area. In theory, you could manage your entire approvals process from inside the notifications feed.

Mobile App Notifications

Smartphones are great for collaborating as they allow us to get things done while on the move...So we’ve also given you the ability to get your notifications through the Lightyear mobile app. This is perfect for those users who only approve a couple of bills a month. 

You will now receive dynamic notifications in the Mobile app to inform you of any new requests needing actioned.

Accounts Payable Collaboration

Lightyear is packed full of features to enhance collaboration between your AP team, accountants and buyers/approvers. 

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